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How to Wear Pink Without Looking Too Girly

There are genderless ways to pull it off.
How to Wear Pink Without Looking Too Girly
IMAGE Elizabeth and James
There are genderless ways to pull it off.

Gender-neutral dressing has no limits when it comes to color, making pink a breeze to wear. Even people who aren't a fan of the color can easily incoporate it into their outfits, provided that they choose the right shade. And just to show you that you can walk our talk, here's how you can add pink to your genderless ensembles.

EASY: Accessorize


IMAGE Bershka

Pink works amazingly as an accent color. You can spruce up your basic outfits with accessories that have the slightest touch of the color like a silver watch with a pink face or a solid-colored baseball cap in a peachy shade.

MODERATE: Keep it oversized


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Wearing loose-fitting pieces is the easiest way to give your ouftit a more relaxed and genderless spin, because you're pulling attention away from your body's frame and focusing instead on the shape of what you're wearing. Raid your significant other's closet for their oversized button-down and half-tuck it, or get yourself some mom jeans in a lovely nude pink hue.

HARD: Do some layering


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Coats are universal. It doesn't matter what color it's in. Top off your outfits with a pink trench coat or a blazer to add structure and give your look more character.

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