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Gabs Gibbs Talks About How She Handles Makeup Shamers

You do you, boo.
Gabs Gibbs Talks About How She Handles Makeup Shamers
You do you, boo.

Gabs Gibbs is no stranger to the power of makeup. She runs a YouTube channel called The Gibbs Guide with her sister Chi Gibbs, posting fashion tips, travel vlogs, and, of course, makeup tutorials. Ranging from glowy, everyday makeup looks to transformative tutorials (she even transformed into a guy once!), it's clear Gabs knows exactly how to wield a makeup brush to her advantage. In fact, she even went on to studying at Sydney-based makeup academy Cameron Jane Makeup Design to perfect her craft. 

Despite her obvious display of skills, there are some that disagree with her methods. As many makeup lovers know, the simple act of painting your face can lead to a few comments from trolls who think they know better, resulting in makeup shaming remarks like, "You're prettier without makeup." or the now-notorious "Take her swimming" comment.   

In the interview below, Gabs talks to Preview about her early beginnings with makeup, how she handles shamers, and why you should just do you. 

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1. When was the first time you were makeup shamed? What was said to you?

"I was makeup shamed in high school for wearing concealer and even for curling my hair."

2. How did it make you feel and what did you do about it?

"Of course, being a 13-year-old and going through puberty, having acne enough made me feel insecure. Putting makeup made me feel good about myself and gave me confidence. I just added more makeup. Haha! I was also a very artsy kid, I loved painting and drawing so it was just like using a different medium."

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3. Has anyone ever made you feel bad about wearing makeup in a certain setting? For example, has anyone ever made you feel bad because you were wearing a full face of makeup to run errands? Or to go the grocery?

"I remember this time in high school were I was playing soccer in Ateneo and I literally just curled my lashes and applied a tiny bit of mascara and all the girls made a big deal out of it and said I was too much of a girl to play. Which was stupid because we were an all girls team."


4. Do you ever get any comments on your social media channels that shame you for how much makeup you put on your face? What was said to you and how did you respond? 

"Yes, of course, I’m especially annoyed when people don’t appreciate the 'art' in makeup and say that 'Ang ganda ganda mo bakit ang dami mo magmakeup.' It’s like kung maganda rin katawan ko, kelangan ko maghubad? I hate backhanded compliments like that.

5. Were you ever shamed for being "too maarte" or "too shallow" because of your love for makeup? What was said and how did you respond?

"People used to say that I kept buying too much makeup, especially my mom. Haha. But I proved them wrong, I mean I took it seriously and I studied abroad, and it has opened so many doors for me. It’s also about owning who you are and not caring [about] what other people think or say about you."


6. How did you get into makeup? 

"My parents were in showbiz and I was really interested with what was happening behind the scenes. Also watching my mom do her own makeup for her movies made we want to try it for myself!"

7. How does makeup make you feel?

"Powerful, confident, expressive."


8. Can you compare a day without makeup versus a day with your face on? Is there a difference in how you feel or act? 

"No, not really. I guess it depends if I have a bad skin day or not. Also depends on my mood, I’m rarely lazy to put makeup on because makeup is literally all I think about. But there are days when I just don’t feel like putting anything on."

9. Is there anything you want to say to girls who get shamed for liking makeup? What advice would you give them?

"First off, all I want them to know [is that] they are beautiful with or without makeup, and that they shouldn’t be afraid of judgment either way. Just as some people are shamed for wearing makeup, a lot of people are also shamed for not wearing makeup at all. Makeup is about self expression and just having fun. So just do you, boo."

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