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From Trashy To Cla$$y

A list of sloppy things we can't stop wearing.
From Trashy To Cla$$y A list of sloppy things we can't stop wearing.

Does your mom want to throw out your dirty old kicks? Does your dad get a heart attack when he sees you in teeny-weeny shorts? Does your boo find your baggy sweats man-repelling? Though other around us may hate it, somehow we just can’t seem to part ways with these “trashy” pieces that have become our security blankets. Take a few tips from these celebs who work shabby closet staples and make them look cla$$y. Be sure to check out the gallery to shop the looks!

In today’s world, workout clothes have managed to earn more swag points as compared to basic casual fixtures. More and more people are wearing them out of the gym and on to the streets. Just make sure you balance it off so you don’t like you’re running a marathon 24/7.


Your grandma probably thinks these belong in the trash and yet you still try to DIY a pair each time you get bored. Truth be told, there will always be a certain cool factor attached to a perfectly ripped pair of jeans.

Pretty sure everyone can relate when we talk about parents telling us our shorts are too short. Some would even tease them passing as knickers. But seriously—with this kind of weather we’re living in—itty-bitty shorts and legs should not be considered as the devil.

Let’s face it, some sneakers are better worn dirty. The more worn in they are, the more comfortable and cooler they look. Just don’t overdo it like you used to in middle school by vandalizing a perfectly fine pair of Chucks—not unless you’ve got mad art skills of course.


Loose-fitting sweats are probably 2014’s equivalent of 2003’s velour tracksuit combo. It’s comfy, it’s cool, and it gives you street cred. Just don’t wear them on Mondays. [Laughs]

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