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Four Must-haves To Look Your Best In The Rain

This is the way to keep dry.
Four Must-haves To Look Your Best In The Rain This is the way to keep dry.

When it rains, it pours. The past few days have been extremely wet and wild for Manila and we think it’s time we teach you how to cover the basics. There are four things every fashion girl needs when it’s sad and dreary outside and today we break it down for you.  A cover up, an umbrella, a pair of booties, and a sweater are the drizzle-proof essentials you will need in your closet. Scroll down to see how we'd style them and remember: when searching for the fantasic four, get something for keeps that you can easily pull out from your pile when the need arises.


Want to puddle-proof your footwear? Unless you wrap ‘em in plastic which is ridiculous, your only way out is a pair of booties. They are great for pairing with the various Holiday 2014 collections out in stores, but let’s not forget that boots are first and foremost a rain must-have. Built to be at least ankle high, these babies will make sure you don’t get your feet wet even if you end up accidentally soaking your footwear in one of those booby traps.

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Whether you like it or not, an umbrella is a rainshower must-have. Instead of trying your very best to fight the need to buy one at all costs, maybe it's time you focus your energy into finding one in a punchy hue or a happy print. 

Parkas are the raincoats of this generation. You can’t wear your trusty raincoat to work the entire day or to events, but a photogenic parka can do that and more. The more stylish version of this rain gear is lightweight, versatile, and extremely comfy to wear so what’s not to like? Wear it with a romper, a dress, or even with your favorite boyfriend jeans. 


A fuzzy sweater is all you need when you want to bring a piece of your comfy bed into the halls of your workplace. When you see that it’s dark and gloomy outside, snuggle up in an oversized pull over that you can move around in. Match it with a leather skort or jacket if you want because this is also the time to bring out those thick leathers you can't seem to use in this tropical country. 


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