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5 Local Celebrities Who Don't Like Splurging on Designer Items

"Hindi kaya ng puso ko. Nanghihinayang ako sa pera. Kasi bag lang siya," one of these stars expresses.
5 Local Celebrities Who Don't Like Splurging on Designer Items
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"Hindi kaya ng puso ko. Nanghihinayang ako sa pera. Kasi bag lang siya," one of these stars expresses.

The status of "celebrity" comes with several expectations. When it comes to fashion, one of these is a wardrobe chock-full of designer items. While it's true that several personalities have developed a taste for the finer things in life by being the first in line for the next it-bag, there are some that choose to spend their cash elsewhere. There's nothing wrong with liking designer pieces, but there's also nothing wrong with not liking designer pieces, after all.

Ahead, read up on five Filipina celebrities who've shared about their thoughts on shopping designer, and why they prefer not to do so.

Filipino Celebrities Who Don't Like Shopping Designer Items

1. Megan Young

When she first started out in the industry, Megan Young was told by her handler, "Kailangan talaga may designer handbag ka kasi artista ka." It was advice she eventually followed, purchasing a classic bag Balenciaga City that she's been using for a decade now.

Though, you'd rarely spot a designer piece on the beauty queen-actress in general, as she prefers spending her money on merchandise from her (and the world's) favorite boy band BTS

PHOTO BY Instagram/meganbata

2. Danica Sotto

Danica Sotto has always viewed herself as a practical person, most especially when it comes to her expenses. In a previous interview, she shared how the few designer bags she has are only gifts from her husband Marc Pingris and her dad Vic Sotto.


"Practical lang ako kasi parang iniisip ko kasi minsan, 'yung ipambibibili ko, parang ang dami ko nang mabibiling ibang gamit," she shared. "Hindi ako yung tipong, 'Oh my gosh, gusto ko 'yung bag na 'yan, akin na 'yan.'"

PHOTO BY Instagram/danicaspingris

3. Judy Ann Santos

Similarly, Judy Ann Santos considers other assets that she could allocate for her budget than a new piece of arm candy. While she professes that she loves designer pieces just as much as the next gal, she just can't will herself to shell out that much cash.

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"Hindi kaya ng puso ko. Nanghihinayang ako sa pera. Kasi bag lang siya. Puwede naman ako sa bayong, o katsa bag, o sa eco bag," she was quoted saying. She added that she's willing to make the purchase as long as she can get a lot of use out of it, and can pay it through installments.

PHOTO BY Instagram/officialjuday

4. Beauty Gonzalez

Beauty Gonzalez's on the same boat, emphasizing how she doesn't like owning bags she has to be extra careful with. "It's just too much for me for a bag. I like it if namana ko from someone [rather] than buying it for myself," she told in an interview.

"I don't like bags na takot ako madumihan. I don't like bags na takot ako ilagay sa lapag. I like something na I can use everywhere," continues Beauty. However, what she does enjoy splurging on are art pieces and antiques.

PHOTO BY Instagram/beauty_gonzalez

5. Rica Peralejo

Over the past few years, Rica Peralejo has escaped from the limelight in exchange for a quieter life with her family. In a now-deleted Instagram post, the former actress admitted to using a "fake LV bag," stating that she'd "rather buy a tent with the money" used to spend on a real one. While the post drew some flak, other netizens praised Rica for her honesty and transparency.

PHOTO BY Instagram/ricaperalejo
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