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Robby Carmona excites with video-mapping at the Bench show.
Feast Your Eyes Robby Carmona excites with video-mapping at the Bench show.

From the moment the Bench group show started, the audience was already treated to a multimedia feast. Visuals on the stage transformed from the pulsating speakers of a virtual DJ to a roving spotlight along a graffiti wall, ending with a blank urban wall for the start of the Human show.


Kashieca’s intro had vines growing along a castle’s walls followed by bursts of sparkles that blossomed into flowers.


The Bench video took an architectural approach working from blueprint, to interiors, to brick exteriors.


robby carmonaThe feat was in how the visuals and lights moved from one specific wall panel to another on the irregularly shaped backdrop.

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“I wanted to do something different for the show since it was going to be three brands in one show,” shares fashion show director Robby Carmona. “The best way to execute it was to create different stories for each of the shows.”

Being one to always raise the bar from his last show, he proposed to do video-mapping for each concept. It’s “using video technology to create different textures,” he explains, adding that you need the exact measurement of the stage dimensions. “It’s the same technology Victoria Secret used for their show with the Black-Eyed Peas,” he revealed pleased that he was able to use the effect for a show for the first time.

“It took more than a month to create,” starting from creating the concept alongside the set design, storyboarding each video. The actual measurements of the stage had to be determined from day 1 so that the visuals would land on the precise spots when edited. “A week before the show, they had to construct part of the stage in a warehouse so we could measure it with the projector for the show. It was a lot of work determining different angles of the video.”


The audience was certainly buzzing with each video. He is set to produce two more shows for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 and we’re certainly excited to see what’s up next.

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