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Local brands tap Pinoy Pride to make fashion patriotic and profitable.
Fashionalism Local brands tap Pinoy Pride to make fashion patriotic and profitable.

Fashion takes its cues from a myriad of things. You've heard often from your favorite designers that inspiration comes everywhere—from the few seconds of an intimate encounter, the days of an influential sojourn, to the immortality of a treasured piece of art. Inspiration is also generally colored by a society's existing zeitgeist, so successful is the fashion brand that harnesses the current energy of its market.

In our local fashion industry, there are a handful of brands that have done exactly this. They have tapped into the current of nationalist fervor that has been flowing through our society in the past year and a half. The death of former President Cory Aquino, the devastation of Typhoons Ondoy and Peping, the passing of rap icon Francis Magalona—these are events that have left everyone bereft at first, but became causes for a resurgence of nationalism as we relived the glory of times past and discovered anew our resilience as Filipinos.

The never-ending victories of our favorite pugilist/singer/reel hero Manny Pacquiao and the upcoming May 2010 elections (which occurs on the same month as Philippine Fashion Week, by the way) have reinforced this surge of Pinoy Pride. They have also sustained the wellspring of profitable inspiration of “fashionalistic” brands such as Collezione C2, Freeway, Team Manila, the FrancisM Clothing Company, and Analog Soul. Through symbols and designs of Pinoy Pride and culture printed on accessories and simple clothes such as collared shirts and tees, they pave the way for patriotic self-expression.

Check out "Fashionalism," an article in this month's issue of Entrepreneur magazine. In it, Jimbo Owen B. Gulle fully discusses the brands' fashionable exposition of our nationalistic consciousness. “Fashionalism,” we hope, is not merely a trend or a way to boost sales. We hope fashion will continue to be this informed and this inspired. After all, fashion does not necessarily have to be a thing of froth. Everyone makes a conscious decision about what to wear every morning when they're about to start their day, so it's best to make a substantial decision.

Why not try nationalism on for size, and don your Pinoy Pride.

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—Jae de Veyra Pickrell, Editorial Assistant

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