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Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Ivarluski Aseron

Ivar takes to prints for his summer collection.
Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Ivarluski Aseron Ivar takes to prints for his summer collection.

From what we've seen from designer Ivarluski Aseron, he prefers solid neutrals—black, white, and grays—than bright colors and prints. But for summer 2012, he takes a bold step by introducing vivid colors and a pretty print to his repertoire. Taking inspiration from a photograph he himself took, Ivar presented a Fashion Watch Summer 2012 collection that's redolent of the freshness of his photographic subject: foliage. He commissioned a special printed fabric using this photograph in his favorite gray and a lush green, and used the prints generously in this estival outing.

The collection is a chic working girl's dream. Form-hugging dresses and tailored separates abound in the collection, with a liberal sprinkling of what makes Ivar's pieces stand out: architectural details and sexy cutouts that enhance womanly assets. For example, there's a white skirt with a cutout that runs from the front hip all the way to the back, amply covered by a gray and green printed top; a leaf-patterned dress with a chest cutout that bravely displays the décolletage; and a seemingly innocent pairing of a gray chiffon-like hoodie and a neon orange skirt, which reveals a naughty posterior once the lady turns around. There are enough frisky elements in the garments that render them alluring and playful despite the clean and sharp silhouettes that Ivar favors.

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We like this leafy frontier that ivar visited for his summer collection. Does this signify more exploration with colors and patterns on the designer's part? We have to wait a few months until Fashion Watch Holiday 2012 starts!

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