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Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Ferdi Abuel

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Ferdi Abuel An all-grown up summer for designer Ferdi Abuel.

The lady we saw from Ferdi Abuel in his Holiday 2011 Fashion Watch outing was a sporty lass, albeit a smartly dressed one—a Converse-wearing type who looks as if she threw on her mother's tailored separates over her gazar knee-length shorts with carefree panache.

This summer, that lass grew up, throwing on more sophisticated dresses and separates that are redolent of ladylike finesse. Examples include a sleeveless shift with geometric panels, a purple and slate-colored ensemble with a hint of Poiret, and a covetable dove gray coatdress with a fluted skirt at the back.

We can't help but see some JC Buendia influence in some of the pieces, especially since meticulously tailored womenswear is what JC does best. Ferdi would do well to be inspired by his peers, as long as he keeps on injecting youthful verve in his immaculately constructed pieces.

Click on the photo gallery to view Ferdi Abuel's Fashion Watch Summer 2012 collection.


Click here for Ferdi Abuel's Designer Directory.

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