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Fashion Watch 2011: Jc Buendia

JC Buendia presents a darkly romantic collection for Holiday 2011.
Fashion Watch 2011: Jc Buendia JC Buendia presents a darkly romantic collection for Holiday 2011.

What if neo-gothic aristocrats from the 1800's were to come to life today? And what if these artistocrats happen to be of the blood-sucking, sunlight-fearing type? What would they wear? JC Buendia seems to have fancied such a scenario and answered the question himself, sharing with us his reverie in his Holiday 2011 collection for Fashion Watch.

As befits the fantasy, the outing is a darkly romantic one, with the necessary touches of sexy modernity and an upsurge of glamour and elegance. The monochromatic series of 20 looks opened with a dangerously provocative sleeveless, sheer shirt with a tulle bib that cascaded from the neck to sufficiently cover the chest—a look tempered in its outrageous display by flowy, wide-leg trousers that make up for coverage of the skin. A similar look follows a gray gentleman's suit, but this time in white.

From there the collection takes on a decidedly romantic motif, with lace women's barongs paired with full, schoolmarm-ish skirts, silk gazar coats with oversized shoulder bows, and a tailored ensemble for the just-awakened vampiric aristocrat who finds herself in the midst of the androgynous fashion of the 21st century. There is no dearth of sensuality in the dusky lineup, with this singularly sexy look that manages to cover only the torso's most essential parts, with the men looking dapper in impeccably tailored metallic garb.

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JC's outing reaches its peak, and its finale, in the all-white ensemble modeled for him by a dark-lipped Ria Bolivar. The veil, worn on the head and tied under the chin, Jackie O-style, lends quite a beatific mood to the almost-bridal ensemble, as if that creature of the night has adapted to the light and verve of present-day, but can't quite yet shake off its distinguising elegance and romantic charm.

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