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Fashion Shows To Watch While On The Treadmill

You'll be ready to strut on the streets by the time you're done with these.
Fashion Shows To Watch While On The Treadmill You'll be ready to strut on the streets by the time you're done with these.

Screencap from the official Chanel video

The women of this generation are as busy as ever. From a hectic day at the office to balancing time for friends and date nights, learning a new recipe, shopping, and working out; there's barely time for one to get a doze of fashion straight from the runways--because honestly, we'd rather curl up with a good book (or get some zzs) on a chill Sunday. So when can you find time to squeeze in watching long ass fashion shows? We suggest you do it while you work out! Aside from when you're stuck in traffic, this is probably the best time to catch up on the latest or the best of the past, that you may or may not have missed because you were too busy being busy.

Below are five fashion shows that have made their mark in fashion history. We guarantee, by the time you're done with these you would have burned that plate of steak-frites you had last night. 



If there's anything we learned from Karl Lagerfeld over the years, it's that he knows how to put on an amazing show. We're sure you've heard about Chanel's  Fall Winter 2014/2015 spectacle where the trainers-clad models went grocery shopping for Chanel-branded detergent, pasta, and even potato chips. It will make you want to rush to the grocery after, but hey, at least you burned a few calories before doing so. 



Dior's Fall 2005 haute couture show was pure fashion entertainment. The beginning where a black-draped horse-drawn carriage reveals Madame Dior, the dark yet whimsical musical arrangement, and of course, the poetic couture pieces that reminded everyone of where the House of Dior all started, was everything you could ask for in a show. Let Creative Director, John Galliano replace your need to watch a haunting 1950's movie. 


Marc Jacobs and his escalators at the mod Spring/Summer 2013 show will get your energy up! Allow your body and your treadmill to feel the adrenaline rush by starting your run with this short show. Ladies, this will keep you moving, that's for sure. And while you're at it, you can revisit Andi Eigenmann's February 2013 Preview cover, where she wore pieces from the collection.

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Everyone is talking about the appearance of Zoolander and Hansel a.k.a Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson at the Valentino  Fall 2015 show in Paris just a few days ago. Get in the loop and see for yourself what the buzz is all about.


Come on, don't tell us you didn't see this one coming? What other show on earth can make you work harder on the machine than the Victoria's Secret show? Watch this playlist (and those abs) that goes all the way back to 1995! By the time you're done on the treadmill, you'll see angel transformations (count just how many have hung their wings) and of course, earned your fair share of calories burned. 


Remember, summer is here so it's time to get those abs ready!

All videos are from youtube. 

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