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5 Pieces From The Preview Best Dressed Party That You Should Have In Your Closet

We show you what to cop and how to care for them!
5 Pieces From The Preview Best Dressed Party That You Should Have In Your Closet

As one of the most anticipated local fashion events of the year, Preview’s annual Best Dressed Party is always a hotbed of trends to cop. Aside from the notably cool men and women who make the cut, the guest list also consists of Manila’s stylish elite. Fashion inspiration is everywhere at this invite-only event every single year, and 2019’s dinner was no exception.

Looking to revitalize your go-to closet pieces? Inject your wardrobe with a dose of something new via the statements these sartorially savvy guests made at Preview’s recent soirée. Here are five key pieces you need, stat:

A Sheer, Barely There Blazer

We can always count on Camille Co-Koro to school us on the trends, and her bright turquoise ensemble at this year’s party is a look her followers will undoubtedly want to steal. The pièce de résistance is, of course, that see-through blazer. It makes a great case for layering clothes and pulling off outerwear in a tropical country without worrying about how warm it can get.

A Pair of Breezy Linen Trousers

Jewelry designer and one of this year’s Preview Best Dressed, Macky Fäh arrived in a look that combines style and comfort. Whether in white, camel, or Macky’s choice for the night, lilac, a relaxed pair of linen pants deserves a spot in your closet. Dress it up with an oversized blazer for the office or make it casual with an easy tee for Sunday errands.

A Printed Scarf Dress

’90s slip dresses have been enjoying a moment, but if Marbbie Tagabucba’s Best Dressed outfit is any indication, floor-length styles featuring maximalist ’70s patterns are just as captivating. Try as you might, you just won’t be able to resist having a vibrant, standout dress in your closet ready to be worn at a moment’s notice.

An All-White Outfit

Black is a favorite among the fashion set for a reason, but white clearly is a classic, too. Take style cues from Bea Marin and her stark white suit set—the neutral non-color works year-round and is an uplifting option to somber black.

A Fun Feathered Frock

Though formal events don’t come as often for us regular folks, you’d best stand out when the call for it does arrive. We’re totally smitten with Parul Shah’s beautifully plumed strapless dress, as it’s a statement-making style any woman can benefit from. Look at it and tell us it doesn’t scream “fun and festive.”

As you add new pieces to your collection, don’t forget that care and maintenance will really help you get the most mileage out of your clothes. Regardless of how much you spend, you should treat them as if they were priceless to extend their life and keep their fresh-off-the-box condition.

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In the end, a great looking outfit will always make you look even better.

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