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This Tech Company Lets You Virtually Try On Sneakers Before Buying

Plus other fashion news you need to know.
This Tech Company Lets You Virtually Try On Sneakers Before Buying Plus other fashion news you need to know.

As we progress into the future, fashion is finding its place in the world of technology—we discover lab-made gems, virtually try on sneakers, and check out Zara's new super techie store. Below are the bits of info you need to know this week in the world of fashion.

1. Proenza Schouler will not show at Paris Couture Week.

Proenza Schouler will bow out of the Paris Couture Week this season. According to WWD, "The brand’s founders, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, are facing essential fork-in-the-road questions, including how to continue to develop their business and whether to re-embrace New York as part of a small collective of cool-reputation designers who would show on a December-to-June schedule." Jack says, "We’re showing in Paris right now, but maybe it’s not forever. For us, we have no, sort of, long-term plans on that level. Like, we might do that for a couple of seasons and come back. Who knows."

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2. Zara opens a super high-tech flagship store in London.

Business of Fashion reports, "At the new, 4,500 square-meter (48,000 square-feet) Zara in London’s Stratford section, shoppers can collect orders or buy clothes without talking to anyone. Self-service checkouts on both floors let customers pay with their mobile phones or credit cards." This is on top of the brand's augmented reality shopping feature where customers can see "hologram-style image of what they’d look like as part of a full outfit." 

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3. This tech company lets you virtually try on sneakers before buying.

Quartz reports, "Augmented reality marketing startup Vyking is translating that buzz for sneakerheads, according to a video posted on the company’s Instagram. The video shows the ability to virtually try on a sneaker, so you can see how it’ll look on your foot before you buy the shoe online."


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4. Can lab-made gems replace unethically sourced diamonds in the market?

"It's cut like a diamond, it shines like a diamond and, essentially, it actually is a diamond. But it didn't form underground," CNBC reports on synthetic diamonds formed by man in a laboratory—essentially a cheaper and more ethically-sourced option for those who want to purchase diamonds.

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5. Prabal Gurung's made-to-measure line launched at the Met Gala.

In case you missed it, ready-to-wear line Prabal Gurung subtly launched Atelier Prabal Gurung at the biggest fashion event of the year: the MET Gala. Prabal tells Fashionista, ""Ever since I started, I have always had this couture-like approach to what I make, even in ready-to-wear, whether it's hand-rolled buttons or the best fabrics. When the Met Gala's happened in the past, there's been a lot of interest; the minute they see it, we get orders. It's been happening for a couple of years, and we have a big private client business as well. I thought at Met Gala was the perfect place to have this be launched, because it's fashion's biggest playground."

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