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Blake Lively Fangirling Over Spice Girls Is the Cutest Thing Ever

Here's what you missed this week!
Blake Lively Fangirling Over Spice Girls Is the Cutest Thing Ever
Here's what you missed this week!

Here's the latest in the fashion world you need to know now:

1. Blake Lively dressed as a Spice Girl in 1997 and there's proof.

Blake Lively just posted the best throwback photo—and nope, it wasn't from Gossip Girl's good old days when she was dressed as Serena van der Woodsen. In her most recent Instagram post, the actress gave us a glimpse of her teenage self fangirling over the Spice Girls, when she dressed as Baby Spice during their 1997 concert. Tagging her friend, she captioned the post, "Sorry I tricked you into thinking I was [Emma Bunton]."

And the best part? Emma Bunton a.k.a. Baby Spice herself left a comment on her post, "So cute. You're rocking those pigtails!" To which, Blake replied: "Forever bowing down to you. I can't believe you know who I am. This will never be normal."

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2. Beyoncé gets first dibs on the new Burberry.


Riccardo Tisci's new Burberry does not only come with a brand new logo and a monogram. The British house also has Beyoncé as its first celebrity muse. The designer created a custom-designed ensemble for Beyoncé’s On the Run II world tour: a Burberry bodysuit, cropped jacket, and thigh-high boots bearing the house's vintage check pattern.

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3. The Vans x Van Gogh Museum collection is selling like hotcakes.

Skater shoe brand Vans has recently collaborated with the Van Gogh Museum, producing a collection of artsy sneakers that pay tribute to famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. The said collection was aimed to "make the life and work of Vincent van Gogh accessible to as many people as possible in order to enrich and inspire them,” Adriaan Dönszelmann, managing director of the Van Gogh Museum, said in a statement. The collection includes five pairs of sneakers, plus T-shirts, outerwear, and hats.

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4. Anna Wintour will not leave Vogue any time soon.

Condé Nast CEO Bob Sauerberg squashed rumours of Anna Wintour leaving Vogue. “Anna Wintour is an incredibly talented and creative leader whose influence is beyond measure,” Bob said in an interview with WWD. “She is integral to the future of our company’s transformation and has agreed to work with me indefinitely in her role as editor in chief of Vogue and as artistic director of Condé Nast.”


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5. Here's a peek inside the 2019 Pirelli Calendar.

Veering away from its reputation of releasing photos that are a "mixture of fine art and soft porn," this year's calendar will center around four narratives starring Alexander Wang, Gigi Hadid, Misty Copeland, and more. Lensed by Albert Watson, it seeks to "narrate their journey, to understand the emotive power of their dreams, the turning points, the moments of victory and defeat, and how they faced each in turn," said Pirelli in a released statement. For Gigi's mini-narrative, the supermodel is depicted as wealthy and accomplished, but also as a sad and trapped woman in her Manhattan home. She relies on her mentor, played by fashion designer Alexander Wang, to bring meaning back into her life.

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