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6 Fashion Mistakes Petite Girls Are Unconsciously Doing When Dressing Up

Guilty of these fashion faux pas?
6 Fashion Mistakes Petite Girls Are Unconsciously Doing When Dressing Up
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Guilty of these fashion faux pas?

Every petite girl knows all the struggles behind finding the perfect outfit. But if you try to evaluate your dressing habits, the problem may lie in small details that you may have just overlooked. However, with the right styling techniques, you can easily ace your daily looks.

Below, we list six fashion mistakes that petite girls unconsciously commit when dressing up, plus solutions to these sartorial woes. 

1. You’ve given up on maxi dresses and skirts.

The mistake: You completely ignore the existence of long skirts and dresses thinking that they will engulf your frame.

What to do: When styled right, a maxi dress and skirt’s long line of fabric can actually elongate your figure. You can stick to solid colours rather than prints, or choose one with a side slit to flaunt your legs. Though you may need a trip to the tailor sometimes, it's always worth altering your clothes to suit your height better.


2. You wear shoes with ankle straps.

The mistake: Although this design can be flattering for certain people, this feature has the tendency to cut your legs short. 

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What to do: If you like straps, hop onto the naked sandal trend. These are sandals with ultra thin, barely there straps. Because they blend seamlessly on your skin, they help lengthen your gams, as if you've got legs for days. Alternatively, you can go for slip on heels with a sexy heel to further slim down your ankle, giving you the illusion of longer legs.


3. You always buy low-rise bottoms.

The mistake: If you're a petite gal, chances are pants that sit low on your hips won’t exactly flatter you. This cut will only work to shorten your appearance, which is the opposite of what you’re going for.  

What to do: Ditch the low-rise jeans and go for high-waisted options instead. Its elevated waistline immediately gives your body an illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs. So if you’re petite, this arrangement is perfect for you! Plus, who doesn’t like a cinched waist? 


4. You do too much color-blocking.

The mistake: Yes, color-blocking can be fun. But note that when you wear too many bright contrasting colors at once, it leads the eye to specific sections of your body, which tends to stump your height.

What to do: Monochrome dressing is your best option! Wearing pieces of the same hue family creates a solid and more cohesive look and silhouette, which is a foolproof trick that can lengthen your figure right away. 


5. You rely on thick platforms to boost your height.

The mistake: You think that all type of heels can add a few extra inches. Although technically you are taller, you don’t really look that way. Chunky platforms tend to create an imbalance in your body proportions and draw too much attention to the lower part of your body instead.


What to do: Pick up a pair of universally flattering heel types like stilettos or kitten heels for that extra boost of height. Also, be on a special look out for pointed toe stilts, as this style is both timeless and perpetually leg-lengthening, no matter your body shape.

6. You always carry a large handbag.

The mistake: We know that the point of carrying a bag is to have extra room on the go. But having one that is too big can quite easily dwarf your already small physique. 


What to do: Settle on a small to medium bag that can still hold your essentials, yet is relatively proportional to your body type. Doing so won't give a stark contrast to your extra large tote against your petite figure.

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