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Fashion Memes From The Same Day Edit

You can DIY your own SDE, with these formulas.
Fashion Memes From The Same Day Edit You can DIY your own SDE, with these formulas.

Don’t you ever wonder how wedding video experts like Jason Magbanua, Bob Nicolas, and Trilogy manage to tell the story of the bride and groom’s big day in more or less five minutes? Same Day Edits will probably never cease to amaze a mere spectator, but today we’ll spill the beans. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but we only had to put two and two together to realize that there’s a formula—one that every bride and groom would want to see present in their very own movie.

The secret’s out! See below the five wedding SDE must-haves.


Wedding videos are always, always filled with gooey cheesy moments, tearjerker vows or best man/maid of honor speeches, and a whole lot of dramatic fashion and beauty moments. But the equation always begins with setting the tone. Normally it’s through a top shot of the venue zooming into the details.

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That wedding dress that the bride will only get to use once in her life needs its moment in the spotlight. Long veils rule this game as it is directly equivalent to drama once wind comes into the picture. Without the veil, there’s always that tree where the dress can hang out. 


You can’t be husband and wife without those wedding bands. The top three effects used are (a) the drop, (b) the splash with water, and (c) the spin.


SDE’s are meant to take your emotions on a roller coaster ride. It’s not all oohs and aahs, you need to make the people laugh as well. In this case, leave it up to the boys to do an amazing job by simply being themselves. Count on it, the groom and his dapper troop (who these days are either wearing sneakers or sunnies) will always do something that will make even cranky grandpa chuckle.


Church weddings, no fail, will have those wooden doors open dramatically revealing the bride. That said, this is always in slow motion with the bride and her gown looking absolutely perfect with the backlit effect from the sun.



Is this a trend? We can’t say for sure, all we know is that since KimYe released that music video for "Bound 2", including a badass motorcycle is suddenly In. We get it though, it makes the groom look like a movie star and the bride, a damsel in a dress complete with the wind-blowing-the-hair-and-dress-effect. 

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