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Fashion Forward

Five style-slick apps keep us clicking that heart button.
Fashion Forward Five style-slick apps keep us clicking that heart button.

Chic Feed

No one can get enough of street-style blogs these days. This app feeds that need by working as a curator of the hippest and au courant styles found on the streets across the globe. Some of the photos collected by Chic Feed come from our favorite blogs like Face Hunter and The Sartorialist, and it also captures posts from #OOTD platform sensation LookBook.


One of the most comprehensive and accessible fashioncast sites gets friendly as it brings you style right at your fingertips. The app is your concise version of the website: Similar sections are available such as Look of the Day, Parties, Style Videos, and Fashion Shows, but this app performs at full during Fashion Week where its coverage takes you to the front rows of shows as if you’re actually there.

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Speak Chic

Also knows as a stylephile’s partner in pronunciation, it's a unique and helpful grammar and speech app that utilizes audio. Speak Chic coaches any fashion girl to say Christian Lacroix (and other designer names and fashion terms) with the proper tone, nasal flare, and vibrato as if she’s known French forever. Plus points to this app too for adding some sexy to fashion speak!


Style Book

'Tis the season to travel, and packing for a trip has always been bothersome especially when you want to wear everything all at once. Style Book helps you manage your closet, plan a look for each day, and even save photos of outfits you’ve tried on. No more outfit repetitions nor getting stuck in your hotel room for hours just deciding what to throw together.



It's Instagram edited for fashion people! This app promises you won’t get anything other than fashion on your feed, except a whole lot more of it. It also has filter features and an interface similar to Instagram, but Trendabl has the convenient re-post function (just like a retweet, or a Tumblr reblog). Designers such as Micheal Kors, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen of The Row, and Diane von Furstenberg are some who've signed up and are ready for you to follow.


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