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Fashion Designers Dress Duterte Up for the SONA

See what they envisioned him wearing.
Fashion Designers Dress Duterte Up for the SONA
See what they envisioned him wearing.

Everyone seems to be excited for our new president to step up to the plate. All we're wondering, however, is what he'll turn up in at his very first State of the Nation Address. We've all been witnesses to Rodrigo Duterte's casual style, but ever since implementing a less formal, less flashy SONA dress code (business attire and knee-length Filipinianas), we're curious to see what route he's taking the occasion. 

We asked a few fashion designers what they envisioned Digong wearing for the event and here's what they came up with: 



"It's all about making the president comfortable. Using natural cottons in a neutral color and creating subtle nuanced details in Mindanao-inspired embroidery."


"His barong will be constructed in a modern scale (similar to shirts) with a smaller collar which can look good even unbuttoned. The fabric will be a combination of pure plaid piña and piña cocoon as the dominant fabric, and the plaid generated on the front and sleeves/cuff area. It will still look chic even if it is rolled up, showcasing the embroidery in Mindanao weave patterns and the plaid contrast piña. A full, open style will be considered for easy dressing (as opposed to half open were you snake your way in). The buttons will be inspired from Mindanao ethnic brass chime pendants.

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And in true Duterte fashion, I will construct trousers in a very dark denim (midnight blue) with slight stretch. The cut will be flat front but still roomy and masculine, giving that casual-elegance vibe yet still very comfy."


"In keeping with the new President's aesthetics, specially in fashion, I would like him to keep it low profile by making him a simple piña barong in a natural beige color with a full open front and simple parallel embroidery on the front using Maranao patterns and a slim straight pair of black wool trousers. With just a lean silhouette for the barong, it would probably be the only fashionable detail, making comfort and function primary concerns."



"I’m all about the classics but Digong is certainly an iconoclast. He is everything that a traditional politician is not. He chooses to wear his heart on his sleeve, he holds up no pretensions and speaks with all honesty. 

With this in mind, I designed a barong Tagalog for him with all codes of tradition followed except with burda starting from the torso extending towards the shoulders and the sleeves, mimicking the placement of Batok tattoos on warriors of Kalinga. 


Symbolic figures are depicted on the embroidery. Dire wolves (yes, from Game Of Thrones) in two different stances; one in an inquisitive pose (Digong has been supportive of the equal rights for the LGBT community) and the other in an aggressive pounce (he is a ferocious drug lord adversary), both heralding the motto “Winter—err Change is coming”. And last, the Philippine eagle, whose rarity, persistence, and love for freedom exemplifies the strength of the Filipino people."

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