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3 Fashion Decisions You Need to Make Before Surfing

3 Fashion Decisions You Need to Make Before Surfing What you wear while catching waves is actually important.

Summer is almost upon us. And if you're looking for fun activities to do, you may want to consider surfing! But before you hit the waves, you should check your wardrobe first because what you wear to surf actually matters. Here are three crucial fashion decisions you need to make before you ride the waves.

1. Swimsuit: essential or decorative?

String bikinis may not be the best option when you go surfing. Standing up on the board and maintaining balance calls for your undivided attention, and wearing a swimsuit that will easily slip or move will distract you. Wear something that offers good support, sturdy straps, and has a snug fit.

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2. Rash guard: long or short?

Rashguards are essential when you're surfing. But its sleeve length is totally based on your preference. Short sleeves provide protection from the sun without hindering the movement of your arms. The only downside is that you may have an uneven tan line in the middle of your arms if you surf daily. Meanwhile, long-sleeved rashguards will give you the best protection from the sun and from board rash.


IMAGE Float Swimwear

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3. Bottoms: shorts or bikini?

Now that you've decided on your top, it's time to evaluate what kind of swimming bottoms you should wear. Like the bra top, you need to be wary when selecting the right bottoms to save you from the worry of exposing yourself. You may want to keep your cheeky suits and go for a boycut bottom for protection. If you're still anxious, wear a pair of board shorts that has a drawstring to fully secure yourself.


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