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These Industry Pros Will Be Holding a Bootcamp You Won't Want to Miss

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These Industry Pros Will Be Holding a Bootcamp You Won't Want to Miss
IMAGE Courtesy of Sara Black, Jigs Mayuga, Bea Constantino
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Are you an aspiring photographer, a rookie makeup artist, or perhaps a budding fashion stylist who doesn't know how to make it big in the industry? Don't fret because Sara Black, Jigs Mayuga, and Bea Constantino have you covered! From August 11 to 12, you can learn straight from the pros through their upcoming fashion bootcamp where these industry veterans will share the knowledge they've acquired over the years.

Below, Preview talks to Sara to share more deets on their first ever collaborative workshop.

Can you tell us what this fashion bootcamp is all about?

"Jigs Mayuga, Bea Constantino, and I decided to collaborate to give a one-of-a-kind fashion workshop where photographers, makeup artists, and stylists can come and learn all three disciplines in one weekend. Essentially there is a lecture portion where the three of us break down what is involved in creating a fashion image, and then the latter portion of the workshop is all hands on where the attendees will put to work the concepts they just learned. It's a great venue for people to learn the collaborative aspect of fashion shoots."


How did you come up with this idea and why?

"The fashion landscape is changing rapidly with the advent of digital. When Jigs, Bea, and myself were starting out in the industry (15 years ago!), we had the work environment created by printed magazines to collaborate in. There were a lot of shoots to be accomplished so there was a lot of work for us to collaborate, learn, and grow in our craft from. Now that everything is switching to digital, there's less of that working environment created by print magazines for beginners. Online magazines have decreased their budget to create unique content and are lifting images online due to the speed at which things need to happen. As a result, there are less avenues for people to collaborate. So this workshop gives attendees the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Hopefully they can find their fashion tribe which can help them fully grow into their common aesthetic, or at the very least meet people who they can collaborate with for test shoots and future jobs."

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What can participants gain from the bootcamp?

"Jigs, Bea, and I all have 15 years of working in the fashion industry tucked under our belt—there is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that can only be acquired through experience. And we're sharing it because it's about time. We are all very passionate about giving back to the industry and stepping into our mentor roles. The workshops are designed to be small groups of 15-20 so there will be a lot of quality time—this is kind of feedback and constructive criticism you cant get from watching a YouTube tutorial!"


Why is it important for young professionals to network?

"Creating fashion images is a collaborative process and you need to team up with people to produce excellent work. You also sharpen your aesthetics this way. The more you are into contact with people who have a high taste level, the more you raise your aesthetics as well. Of course, there is the practical side of networking as well, where you can ask your colleagues for business related advice (rates, prospective client) and hopefully collaborate on paying jobs as well."


Will there be a second leg of this project?

"Yes, this is the maiden voyage but we are planning to mount the workshop every couple of months."

Interested? Register at to secure your slot. Fee is at P10,000.

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