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Faces to Watch: Aryanna Epperson and Sabina Gonzalez

Watch out for these It girls in the making.
Faces to Watch: Aryanna Epperson and Sabina Gonzalez Watch out for these It girls in the making.

Having a famous last name isn’t always easy. There’s always the pressure to follow in your parents’ footsteps, leaving you to decide whether to give in to it or to forge a path of your own. For Aryanna Epperson and Sabina Gonzalez, testing the waters that their moms Jenni Epperson and Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez once treaded might seem like a good plan. They may not be household names yet, but the newest faces of the Plains & Prints and Happy Skin collaboration, Prints Made Pretty collection, are definitely exploring the possibilities of life in the fashion limelight just as their mothers did. Getting to know these two girls a little bit better, we give you the low down on why you should keep an eye out for these It girls in the making.

Aryanna Epperson


Does her last name ring a bell? You’ve probably seen her on the boob tube, hosting shows on MTV where she won the VJ hunt in 2014. When she isn’t busy with hosting gigs, this Marketing Management graduate from De La Salle University likes to fill up her blog with travel photos and witty thoughts on her current fashion and beauty fixations.

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Why you should follow her: Given time, her blog might just become the next go-to spot for travel tips and recommendations.

Sabina Gonzalez

For many young aspiring models, leaving school isn’t just an option, it’s the only option. But for 19-year-old Sabina, who’s naturally blessed with the right height and frame that’s expected of a model, finishing school is of top priority. But just because this Architecture student’s main goal is to graduate doesn’t mean she’s shying away from the opportunity of working in the fashion industry. When not consumed with plates and projects, she lets loose by strutting her stuff on the runway.


Why you should follow her: Stalk her Instagram account and you’ll find that this girl has quite the unique aesthetic, which might translate into stunning buildings one day. Also, we hear that she’s quite the walker, just like her mom.  

Images from @aryannaepperson and @sabinagonzalez on Instagram

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