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Fabric Care 101

It's time to show your clothes some love.
Fabric Care 101 It's time to show your clothes some love.

 Don’t you just wish your closet was a timeless capsule that will leave your clothes looking and feeling new no matter how many times you’ve used them? Sigh, technology hasn’t reached that level yet. And unless you’re planning to invent such a machine for the benefit of the rest of mankind, we suggest taking full responsibility over your clothes.

We invest so much in clothing to make us look good so it is only natural to return the favor by heeding to their needs as well. Say tata to that habit of throwing them in the laundry without care and start increasing the longevity of your clothes. Trust us, this will allow you to save money from having to fix washing mishaps and make every cent spent shopping worth it. Oh, and you will never have to blame your washing machine or your laundry lady ever again by turning a new leaf. 

Just keep this cheat sheet and no one would ever suspect you've had that shirt since college. Let's begin shall we? 


Read the tags instead of cutting them off. Aside from the washing and special instructions, tags also contain important information regarding the fabric of your clothing. 


Follow the Cheat Sheet.


Go ahead and print out this cheat sheet and post on your closet door.

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