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Exhibit Zero

Viktor Jeans launches its newest line.
Exhibit Zero Viktor Jeans launches its newest line.

Six years ago, Ino Caluza began making tailor-fit jeans to sate a personal need to perfect the garment. Six year's later his eponymous label has acquired quite the following, the record-holder is a client who ordered a whopping 25 pairs in one go. Ino has even flown all the way to Singapore for fittings just to pacify clients' cravings.

With a new line of Viktor Original Jeans poised for the taking, Ino staged a photo exhibit, inviting eleven prominent figures in fashion, photography, PR, film, music, and journalism. Each of the participants was asked to use the brands latest collection as their inspiration for their photos. The result was a series of wildly creative visuals that had a peculiar serenity to them. Curious? See for yourself, after the click.

Viktor Denim Gallery is located at the 4/f of the Podium and the 3/f of Trinoma.

—Isha Andaya, Managing Editor