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Kendall and Kylie Jenner Spill the Deets About Their Latest Collab With Topshop

Find out why they wanted to create a swimwear line.
Kendall and Kylie Jenner Spill the Deets About Their Latest Collab With Topshop Find out why they wanted to create a swimwear line.

There's no denying it, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are all set to conquer the world. In their latest collaboration with Topshop, the youngest Kardashians opted to create a collection to beat the heat, and since it's always summer in the Philippines, their new line could be worn all year-round—especially for your next weekend beach trip. In this exclusive interview, K and K talk about growing up in L.A., the perfect swimsuit, and why working with each other is awesome fun. 

Why did you choose swimwear for your next collection?

Kendall: With every new collection we create, Kylie and I are always looking for a challenge and to evolve our experience. Swimwear is a must for summer so it’s exciting getting to make an exclusive collection for Topshop and have some fun with it. 

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What was the initial inspiration behind the collection?

Kylie: Being raised in California our whole lives, we definitely love the beach and the sun. We wanted to capture the beachy LA summer vibe but put our own special twist on it. We picked lots of bold shades and prints to create the line and to make it unique. 

Do you always agree with each other when designing?

Kylie: Even though Kendall and I have different personal styles, we actually have very similar tastes. The creative process is definitely a lot of back and forth until we come up with something we really like. We help each other edit and refine our ideas…It’s great having a creative partner through everything.  

Do you share the same idea of a vacation? 

Kylie: We’re usually vacationing to places with really warm weather so we both like to keep it simple. Lightweight dresses, denim shorts, and crop tops. 


What's the most fun thing that you’ve done on vacation?

Kendall: I loved ziplining in a jungle in Thailand when I went with my family a few years ago. It was such an exhilarating experience. I was laughing the entire time even though it was a little scary. I felt like I was super woman. 


What was your favorite family vacation together?

Kylie: I love each of our family vacations because they’re opportunities to explore new places with the people I love. My favorite trips are when I get to go back to places to just get away and relax. The tropical, beautiful weather and beaches during our trips in the Bahamas or in Hawaii are always the best. 


Read more about Kendall and Kylie's collab in our July issue here.

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