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Ever Heard Of Jewelry-inspired Tattoos?

We introduce you to the new product in town.
Ever Heard Of Jewelry-inspired Tattoos? We introduce you to the new product in town.

Remember those tattoos we loved as kids? The ones we’d use to assault our arms with then scrub off like crazy after for fear of going to school the next day with remnants?  What if we tell you that there is now a version of it that grown-ups can use? One that has all the glam minus all that unnecessary glitter that yes, even editors like us, a college freshie, and a working woman can wear. Not to mention,  Sarah Jessica Parker a.k.a Carrie Bradshaw loves them, too.


Such a product exists, and it will be available at the Filipinaz Art and Fashion Fair at the Rockwell Tent this coming September 12 to 14. Lulu dk, the brand responsible for bringing us these jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos, is the brainchild of designer Lulu deKwiatkowski. With designs created from original artworks of Lulu herself, the tattoo that comes in gold and silver can serve as the perfect no-fuss accessory.Think of it as trinkets you can use at the beach without the need to worry about tarnishing it, feeling restricted by its heavy weight, or yes, losing your precious jewels. The best thing about it? It can last up to six days! Quite cool, right? Application is easy (you just need water) and all it takes to remove it is alcohol or baby oil.

But the question is, would you really give what was once a childhood toy another shot?

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