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Eric Delos Santos Launches A Ready-to-wear Bridal Line With Karimadon

We chat with the designer who dips his feet into a not-so-popular territory.
Eric Delos Santos Launches A Ready-to-wear Bridal Line With Karimadon We chat with the designer who dips his feet into a not-so-popular territory.

Considered one of the most beloved designers by celebrities and stylists alike, Eric delos Santos is known for his fun, feminine, and flirty designs. He's one to play with prints, colors, and texture, which any sassy girl would love. What if we tell you that these elements have found their way into wedding gowns? Exciting, right? Being in the fashion industry for almost a decade now, Eric dips his feet into something new as he dabbles into the world of bridal ready-to wear. It's quite a brave move and we admire him for that.

A peek at the exciting bridal line from Karimadon. (Left: Eric Delos Santos for Karimadon Brides, Right: In-house brand at Karimadon)

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Here in the Philippines, not too many brides welcome the idea of an off-the-rack wedding gown. Perhaps, there aren't many options anyway. This is exactly the reason why Eric, along with known haven for RTW gowns and dresses, Karimadon, has concocted something fun and exciting for all the Filipinas out there. Now, there’s no longer a need to lose a leg and an arm to make your wedding day picture perfect. If you’re a bride-to-be who wants a piece of the designer pie, and still have enough budget for a far-away honeymoon trip and scrumptious reception banquet, then read on to get to know more about the bridal line that is set to change the face of bridal RTW.  


Designer Eric Delos Santos

How was it working with Karimadon?

I’m so happy they believe in my designs and style. At first, I was kind of worried because it’s ready-to-wear and it’s a bridal collection, but in the end, it all just fell into place.

What was the inspiration behind the looks? What kind of bride did you have in mind while you were working on the collection?

The inspiration was the bride now—one who has an open mind and who woul not just stick to the typical looks. My collection consists of updated classics showcased in four colors: blush, light grey, white, and beige or off-white.

What is an Eric Delos Santos bride like? Tell us about your muse.

An Eric Delos Santos bride knows what she wants. They are ready with pegs but they are also open to suggestions.

How do you think your muse would execute her wedding? What would her fantasy wedding be like?


My dream bride wants a destination one. Like in Bali or Phuket, and of course, Boracay. I’m excited for December and January because I have two weddings in Shangri-La Mactan.

What was the most romantic wedding you’ve been to? What was it like?

I think the wedding of my dear client who was a balikbayan. I only met her a month before the wedding. Prior to that, we would just chat and send each other messages. She told me her lovelife and how her fiancé was able to survive cancer. During the wedding, both of them cried tears of joy. Before she walked down the aisle, she looked at me and said “thank you for being a part of our lives.” That brought me to tears. Until now we still communicate and I might visit them next year.

What gets you excited when clients come to you for their big day?


It gives me excitement to listen to a bride who is super excited for her big day.


Did you ever imagine that you would one day release a complete line of RTW bridal dresses?

Yes. Ever since, it has always been my dream to have a ready-to-wear bridal collection. I want the brides-to-be to know that they can have a gown made by a designer. The price range is very competitive and I am proud to say that this collaboration with Karimadon can still be personalized. If they want adjustments or need suggestions, I can meet with them and help them decide.

In other countries, a lot of brides go for off-the-rack dresses. Here, going custom is such a big deal. Is your collab with Karimadon your way of changing this norm?

Yes, very. Here, all are custom made. I want to elevate the bridal designers RTW collections because let’s face it, there are a bunch of RTW and rental gowns that are affordable, but not great. It really affects the fashion industry.


What are your tips for girls seeking out designers for their wedding dress? What are the factors they should consider or bring when meeting with a designer?

Brides often have a vision of their wedding dress already even before they get engaged, right? So it's important that designers also consider that. At the same time, brides should be able to communicate that to their designer. Bring pegs if you have to. Also, as a designer, of course, we have different styles and ideas and we'd love to share that with our clients.

What’s next for Eric delos Santos?  

I want to study in CSM (Central Saint Martins). I love it there, I took short courses back in 2006. I also hope to do a gala next year. I think it’s about time, since I’ll be in the industry for 10 years by then. 


Now we know you've been wanting to see more. Go ahead, click on the gallery and see the Eric Delos Santos for Karimadon Brides collection.