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Emma Watson Invites You To Live Chat

Or something like that.
Emma Watson Invites You To Live Chat Or something like that.

We’d probably squeal like a fan girl if we were given the chance to Skype with Emma Watson. Come on! She studied in an Ivy League college, she’s been linked to a royal (even if it was just a rumor,) and she’s the brightest witch of her age (she’ll ALWAYS be Hermione.) But going back to that Skype date which is highly unlikely, we did manage to stumble upon something close to it on her Facebook page.

The fresh-faced beauty clad in a black pullover posted this video on her FB account inviting fans and supporters to join her for a live Q&A about He For She, the solidarity movement for gender equality in which she is actively involved with, on Women’s Day Sunday, the 8th of March at 5pm London-time.

And for those who’d like to be a member of the audience, Emma invites you to tell her how you are making a personal impact to advance gender equality buy simply submitting a form that can be found here. those selected get to attend this special event and watch her answer questions up close and personal.


Now, about that Schengen visa... 

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