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Emma Stone's Most Notable On-screen Looks

Here's how you, too, can score an easy A in the style department.
Emma Stone's Most Notable On-screen Looks Here's how you, too, can score an easy A in the style department.

We could go on all day talking about the reasons why we love Emma Stone. We mean, come on, you don’t think she became a Hollywood sweetheart for nothing, do you? She’s goofy, she has the funniest gifs online, and the girl can lip-sync, like seriously. Not to mention, she seems to have no problem at all switching hair color from blonde to red to chocolate brown, and she manages to look stunning on the red carpet every time. Since our favorite quirky leading lady is turning 26 today, we think this joyous occasion deserves a little throwback. So, what do you say we look back on her most notable roles in the big screen? 


From being a feisty high schooler in Easy A to playing a superhero's first love in The Amazing Spiderman, score a style tip or two from one of Hollywood's most loved celebrities. 

Read on and find out the ultimate reason why we can't get enough of Emma Stone.

EASY A (2010)

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This teen comedy film tells a story of a girl facing all sorts of high school drama after being the primary target of a school gossip. Honestly, we just can’t discuss Emma Stone flicks without Easy A coming into mind. After all, this redhead did lock lips with Penn Badgley in the movie.

Get the look: We’re all in for looking sexy, but not when it includes wearing your lingerie to school. A black jumpsuit is a cute alternative, because trust us, the only S-word you want to be labelled as should be “sophisticated” and not, well, you know what the other S stands for.



Obviously, we don’t need to tell you what Spiderman’s about. As much as we want to say Emma’s character as Gwen Stacy will end up with Andrew Garfield just like in real life, we all know that's not how the story goes. But hey, at least in the style department she fought a good fight, right?

Get the look: The preppy style is a surefire way to look as smart as Peter Parker’s first love. A collared shirt, a structured blazer, a mini skirt, and a pair of boots─ those should be enough to keep Mary Jane Watson at bay.



In this mobster film, Emma leaves her funny bone behind to play the role of a woman who wants to be a star at any cost. After scoring a role as Ryan Gosling’s leading lady in Crazy Stupid Love back in 2011, this is the second time they team up once again on-screen. Come to think of it, just how lucky can this girl get?

Get the look: Unless you’re heading to a ball, long gowns do not exactly count as an everyday outfit. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the idea of Old Hollywood glam. But just so we’re clear, you need to leave the blings at home.

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