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Everything You Need to Know About Maymay Entrata's Favorite New Designer

She's behind Maymay's dainty pink modern terno.
Everything You Need to Know About Maymay Entrata's Favorite New Designer
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/elize.padilla
She's behind Maymay's dainty pink modern terno.

Maymay Entrata is a showbiz darling. Not only because of her humor and childlike charm, but also because of her sartorial choices and fierce runway walk. A quick pull of her Instagram account and you'll see the young actress clad in easy outfits like stylish coordinates that she often wears to her events. 


Among those outfits, we got intrigued by Maymay's modern pink terno that exudes youthfulness and femininity. Below, we talk to the local designer responsible for most of Maymay's adorable ensembles. Read on and get to know Liza Padilla.

How did you start in the industry as a fashion designer?

"I’m the creative head behind the brand Elize Padilla. I was already an interior designer when I took up Fashion Design courses from the Canadian school, La Salle College International. I was blessed to be mentored by exceptional teachers who recognized my passion and dedication to the craft. They inspired and encouraged me to pursue a career in fashion."

How would you describe you design philosophy and aesthetic? 

"My design philosophy flows from my preference for timeless elegance and classic silhouettes."

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Do you have a signature design or a key element as a designer?

"My design evokes understated beauty, hence you’ll see clean lines with feminine details in most of my pieces."

Where do you usually draw inspiration from?

"I derive inspiration from the small details I see and feel around me. I hear rustling leaves and I imagine layers of fabric swishing in a skirt; I look at the petals of a flower and I see folds of material curving around the bodice; even the quiet blending of colors in the sky makes me want to translate it into clothes with subtle patterns. For me, ideas can come from anywhere, anytime."


Can you walk us through your creative process as a designer?

"I rarely design on the spot. Designing is more than just sketching and sewing clothes like what some people may think. For me, getting a glimpse of my client’s personality is equally important as assessing her physical attributes. Factors like where she’ll use it—time, place, even the people she’ll mingle with—play an important role, too. I have to consider all these to come up with a design most suited to my client."


What do you consider to be your strength as a designer? On what areas are you looking at to improve?

"I take care of each of my clients with a hands on approach. My honest and no-nonsense assessment of their needs assures them of a well-thought of final product."


We noticed you dress Maymay a lot, how does your aesthetic and her style marry?

"In Maymay’s case, I work hand in hand with her stylists to come up with designs that will fulfill the image she needs to project at the moment. The work I do for her is quite varied: commercials, endorsements, photo shoots, production numbers, TV guestings etc., so design is usually dictated by the requirements of the event."


What makes an Elize Padilla muse?

"She is a woman who is confident in her femininity, whose taste is simple and elegant, who does not ride on the latest fad but respects and admires the classics."

Who do you dream of wearing your designs?

"A Hollywood actress would be a nice addition to my portfolio."

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