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Easy-to-cop Halloween Costumes

We teach you how to stand out using only store-bought pieces.
Easy-to-cop Halloween Costumes We teach you how to stand out using only store-bought pieces.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Halloween is love! How can any fashionista not appreciate this time of the year where we get to dress up, all-out, as someone (or something) else, all while being surrounded with all sorts of sweet and sour treats? Not all of us have time to go hunting for the best costumes out there so today we teach you how you can make do with the items in your closet. With that problem solved(more or less), the dilemma now is deciding which look to cop. And although there will always be the classic witch, this year why not go for something current, yea? From the TV show that everyone is crazy about, a new movie we're all excited to see, and an iconic band with a signature look not all girls have the guts to try, scroll down to see our suggestions for Halloween 2014. 


Obsessed with GoT? Then obviously, Khaleesi is our pick from this uber successful series. We know, the wait for the next season is grueling, but to keep us occupied as we wait, why not come as her? If you just want to look pretty this year, then ditch your plans of being a beauty queen or a hippie chick and go for the look of Khaleesi. You still get to wear that pretty dress you've had rotting in your closet, pair it with flats, and most of all, get the makeup done in less than an hour. You can improvise on her gold cage accessory by piling on gold necklaces that complement each other. 

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Everyone is talking about the new Wonder Woman movie and what a total hottie Gal Gadot is, so we say there is no better time to show girl power through a female superhero than now. Although we are digging the new gladiator-esque look of the modern version of our hero, for now let’s stick to the red, blue, and stars combo so you don’t have to explain to people who you are. Get that red bodycon of yours and wear it under a royal blue flippy skirt. No need to buy red boots you won't be able to use anyway, all you need is pair of knee high socks that you can sport wioth your killer red pumps. Top it off with a choker you can use as head dress and some gold cuffs to complete the look. 


Want to be bad ass? Then go as one of the band members of Kiss! This look’s focus is more on the makeup so you will need an outfit that will simply complement your face paint and wig. Go for  leather jacket, leave it open to show off your bandeau, and pair them with high waist jeans and booties. That simple. 


Of course, we all know that makeup is pretty important in Halloween so go check out how to make your look the total package in our makeup tutorial for these characters here. 

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