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Dominique Cojuangco Reveals Her Favorite Styling Hack

This fashion trick always works for her!
Dominique Cojuangco Reveals Her Favorite Styling Hack
IMAGE Natalia Villanueva
This fashion trick always works for her!

If you know me well enough, then you should know about my obsession with juxtapositions, which is "an act or instance of placing [two elements] close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast," as defined by I love this idea when it comes to music; I love it in analogies; I love it in style. And in that sense, it also reflects my personality perfectly. Because you see, I’m unapologetically feminine, but can’t exactly be described as girly. I love sports, but I’m in no way athletic. 

I find that I’m able to play with this a lot more when I’m in London, thanks to the drop in temperature my body has to experience the second I step off the plane. Balancing my outfits with contrasting trends has grown to become somewhat of a uniform for me when getting ready for school.

Here are a few ways I juxtapose my outfits:

EASY: Dress down with sneakers

IMAGE Natalia Villanueva

On Dom: Culotte romper; purple fur jacket; adidas Superstars

Culotte romper is something I can’t typically wear in London given the weather. However, when a fuzzy purple jacket is thrown over, it’s the perfect way to keep the look cozy. I dressed it down with adidas Superstars. I find it depicts different aspects of my personality. All black innards, for a more classic base; a kick of boldness with my outerwear; and a pair of trainers for practicality. 

MODERATE: Pull off a balancing act

IMAGE Natalia Villanueva

On Dom: Vetements hoodie, Dior boots

A lazy day cozy outfit is matched with my horrendously painful pair of boots. This allows me to dress down and be comfortable during class without giving off the sense that I didn’t care about style at all.  Yes, I’m forced to trudge through the pain walking to school. However, I’m able to rest my feet sitting in class for two and a half hours.


HARD: Strategic juxtaposition

On Dom: Blazer, T culottes, slides + chain necklace

This blazer is paired with crêpe culottes, a tank top, and loafer slides. The items all-in-all go under the same category of being dinner-worthy. This is where you’re probably questioning how this fits into this article… These, in theory, sound pretty “put together.” They are, nontheless, made casual via slight alterations on the silhouette or fabric. This is where the juxtaposition seeps through.

Dominique Cojuangco is a certified #ImAPreviewGirl who has already graced the cover of Preview twice for September 2014 and June 2015. This month, as our Celebrity Guest Editor for October, she gives us a peek at her stylish life as a fashion student in London.


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