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7 DIY Tiktok Hacks to Try When Wearing Jeans

7 DIY Tiktok Hacks to Try When Wearing Jeans
IMAGE tiktok/Camille Co, tiktok/laureen uy
These DIY adjustments can instantly solve your jean problem.

If we were to list down this generation’s favorite pastimes, it would probably include watching Tiktoks. From learning trendy dance moves to finding some new recipes, Tiktok’s definitely got a diverse range of content suited for anyone. And to all fashionistas out there, you should know that Tiktok’s fashion community boasts a ton of great styling hacks that you never even knew existed. To start, did you know that creative jean hacks are popular on the platform?

Shopaholic or not, we’re sure that we’ve all encountered the dilemma of ill-fitting jeans. Although they're pretty easy to wear, they can be quite tricky and unforgiving in terms of fit. But don’t give up just yet! Purchasing the wrong size doesn’t mean that we should immediately throw them away. At times, small tweaks here and there or some easy DIY adjustments can instantly solve your problem.

Below, we round up denim styling hacks courtesy of Tiktok!

1. If you’ve got loose jeans, simply insert your button in the next loop to make the waistline smaller. 

2. Try out an adjustable button.

For instances when the next belt loop is too far from the button, don’t run to your tailor just yet! Check out some of the local e-commerce sites for an adjustable button. Trust us, this tiny piece can magically cinch your waist. 


3. Use a hair tie.

When your jeans feel a little too tight from eating a big meal, you can always whip out your trusty hair-tie to let your food baby breathe. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! 


4. No belt? No problem.

Stylish influencer, Camille Co, shows us that our sneaker’s shoelaces could be a great substitute for one. 

5. Check out cool and easy ways to cuff your jeans.

6. Use the gap at the back of your jeans to improve the fit.

7. This simple sewing technique will improve your jeans' fit, promise!


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