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Here's What Will Happen If Disney Princesses Dressed for the Halloween

Ariel as Harley Quinn? Why not!
Here's What Will Happen If Disney Princesses Dressed for the Halloween Ariel as Harley Quinn? Why not!

Halloween is the time of the year when everyone’s imagination is permitted to go wild. From mind blowing costumes to foolproof tricks on how to nail the looks, there’s no limit as to where your flowing creative juices can take you as far as the 31st of October is concerned. Speaking of which, the folks over at MTV wondered what would happen if the prim and proper Disney princesses get a makeover for Halloween 2015, and asked animator and illustrator Brandon Vernon to draw his interpretation. The results when these damsels in distress meet pop culture? See below.

Snow White as Katy Perry


With their matching dark locks, Snow White can totally kill it as Katy Perry. The dwarves would, of course, go as right and left shark. Adorbs!

Elsa as The Countess

Queen Elsa can clearly pull off a Lady Gaga as she dresses as The Countess from American Horror Story: Hotel

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Tiana as Cookie Lyon

Being the only black Disney Princess, Tiana is a shoo-in to be cast as Cookie Lyon for Halloween. She just needs to step up her animal print game and learn how to talk to them boo boo kitties. 

Ariel as Harley Quinn


No other Disney Princess could pull off being a villain for Halloween than everyone's favorite mermaid, Ariel. She definitely has enough spunk to be Harley. She just needs a whole lotta hair chalk to conceal her ruby tresses. 

Merida as Katniss Everdeen

The bow and arrow made it an obvious choice. We bet Merida didn't even need to volunteer to dress up as Hunger Games' brave Katniss. The odds were all in her favor!


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