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Confessions of a Die-Hard Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Fan

Confessions of a Die-Hard Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Fan
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We can all agree to disagree.

Most of my friends who get overly excited about the beauty pageant season usually comment on my lack of enthusiasm for the likes of Miss Universe and Miss World. They think I’m weird for not getting the hype, but personally I'd rather save my energy and go gaga for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Being one of the most extravagant fashion events of the year, it's the one show I truly wouldn't dare miss.

While my friends have their own pageant bets and favorites, I, on the other hand, have my own predictions for the VSFS every year. My eyes are laser-focused on which angels will open and close each segment, and I especially love finding out who will wear the Fantasy Bra, who will finally earn her wings, and who will be donning the largest ones.

One of the most awaited parts of the show for me is watching the featured musical artist perform on stage. It gives life to the entire show, and whichever song he/she chooses to showcase will no doubt end up in my personal playlist as well. (I tell you, I'm bound to abuse the repeat button, day-dreaming that I'm also walking down the glittery runway wearing my own set of wings.)

I’ve been a die-hard fan since 2010; I instantly fell in love with the fashion show. Remember when Chanel Iman wore her first wings and opened the Heavenly Bodies segment that same year?

Back then, Anja Rubik also wore the evening's largest wings, which featured a train of clouds. 


The following year, 2011, in the segment I Put A Spell On You, Doutzen Kroes opened the show and Izabel Goulart wore two spinning umbrellas as her wings.

Anja also carried a trumpet and Candice Swanepoel elegantly graced the runway with a pair of golden wings. 

watch now

These were my favorite moments from the VSFS—and, in my opinion, these are also the kinds of moments that have been absent from the previous shows. With that in mind, I listed down six reasons why I've been disappointed in VSFS lately: 

1. Ideas and Themes

I noticed that the segments from the past couple of years, particularly Exotic Traveler (2014), Boho Psychedelic (2015), The Road Ahead (2016), and Nomadic Adventure (2017) were very similar. The girls wore tassels, festive accessories, and, well, more tassels.

Exotic Traveler

Boho Psychedelic

The Road Ahead

Nomadic Adventure

Not to mention, Snow Angels (2013), Ice Angels (2015), and Winter’s Tale (2017) also felt kind of identical. Different names, but they were all basically a similar concept! 


2. Glittery Runway

One of the trademarks of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is their glittery runway. To my horror, in 2014, they replaced it with LED lights.

They did bring it back in 2016, though—thank goodness! (Guess that means I'll be keeping my fingers crossed again this year.) 

3. Recycled Outfits and Wings

As a devoted fan who can't help but notice even the little things, I feel bad every time I see an angel wear wings or other fashion items that have already been worn by another angel a couple of years back. For example: when Candice and Izabel donned the very same wings, which happened again with Adriana Lima and Romee Strijd. And oh, let's not forget that pair of black thigh-high boots Barbara Palvin and Cindy Bruna both strutted down the catwalk.




4. Speaking of Wings...

Models work hard to be part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and they work even harder to earn their first pair of wings. But in the past couple of years, too many girls got wings without going through the same process like the past VS angels did! There are now way too many wings in the show, and many fans would agree that seeing angels with their wings is the most awaited part of the VSFS. It's supposed to be a sacred, special moment for the angels... However, the past couple of years didn’t feel so special, and that saddens me. 


5. There Are Too Many Girls

Ten girls walking down the runway every segment is acceptable because they give justice to the outfits. But in the recent years, there have been waaaaaay too many girls in the lineup—and not all of them get to shine or have their moment onstage because everyone's in competition for attention.

6. The Hair

VSFS has always been synonymous to bombshell waves. Not only is it the show's signature look, it also serves a purpose, which is to conceal the strap of the wings. Don’t get me wrong—I do appreciate some diversity and when they play things up once in a while; but still, I do miss looking forward to seeing different angels rocking the same va-va-voom hairstyle. 


As a die-hard fan, these are just my two cents on the matter. Of course, if you have different views, I totally understand. At the end of the day, we can all agree to disagree. One thing's for sure, though: I'm definitely looking forward to this year's VSFS, especially with Kelsey Merritt included in the lineup!

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