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Designer Spotlight: Twinkle Ferraren

The young designer rakes in summer with botanically-inspired island wear.
Designer Spotlight: Twinkle Ferraren The young designer rakes in summer with botanically-inspired island wear.

Twinkle Ferraren's latest island wear creations are organic. No, we don't mean that they're made of living matter, although her inspiration—plant stems cells!—definitely is. She blended a biotic inspiration with an innovative process that resulted in funky pieces that are perfect for those who want to spice up their summer wardrobe with a dash of eco-conscious quirk.

“During one of my bored, playing-around days, I decided to check out a flora and fauna show. I was intrigued by all the different plant species and I started Googling their names," says Twinkle about her unusual design inspiration.

"I kept on researching until I discovered all these awesome images of their stem cells! I couldn't believe that's how they look inside. I wanted to create a collection inspired by it. From there, I collected several pegs and started doodling and adding them into the clothes.”

Some of her pieces, therefore, have a kooky overlay of annular designs representing the plant cell structure.


Twinkle is a huge fan of our local textile industry, so she does her best to patronize it. She collaborated with Pina, a knitting company that specializes in blending piña with other fabrics such as Lycra and cotton to make it stretchable. She gushes, “It's really cool because finally piña will now have different applications in wearable, everyday clothing!”

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And to add another twist to her garments, she made use of shifu, an ancient Japanese paper weaving technique. “I made some jackets, vests and a bikini with it. However, some of my finished products were brought to South Africa during a workshop, so I only have a few here, since it takes them a while to do the shifu. They first make paper, shred them into thread, and then weave the paper threads.”

Clearly, Twinkle's organic creations are interesting on so many levels. From her inspiration down to the production process, it's apparent that she respects all things natural. So if you're a like-minded individual looking to show nature some love through your summer ensembles, check out her latest collection after reading on to know her a little bit more.


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