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Designer Spotlight: Tweetie De Leon-gonzalez

From one of Manila's most recognizable faces: Gemstones on leather to pep up any outfit.
Designer Spotlight: Tweetie De Leon-gonzalez From one of Manila's most recognizable faces: Gemstones on leather to pep up any outfit.

Aside from being one of Manila's most beautiful faces, a loving and stylish mom, and Maldita endorser, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez is also an accessory designer. "I currently have two lines of fashion jewelry, each carrying its own distinct look and silhouette. I started with Ice Crystals, my trial line whose run extended much longer than expected, and the other is my namesake, TdLG. Eventually, these 2 brands will be merged into one, retaining the name of the latter. I am looking at relaunching within the year," she reveals.

According to her, the new TdLG line is "classically quirky" and "dressy bohemian," composed of big statement pieces designed for fashionably assertive women. "I see a woman who doesn’t seek but instead creates a distinctive style and is undaunted by fashion rules and trends," she says about her muse. "She is confident about her choices and is nonchalant about fashion."

Featuring colorful semi-precious stones sewn on leather in earthy tones of espresso, black, camel and sand, the collection channels toughness but is still decidedly feminine. "I’ve always liked leather and its variety in textures, hues and uses—its earthy yet luxurious appeal. I thought that combining it with gemstones will create a look that is fun and spartanly fancy. The result was swankier than I expected. Loving the sparkle of jewel tones against the rustic charm of leather."

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"I took this collection a step further by being more bold through the creation of statement pieces," she adds. "My earlier collections, though unique in their own way, were simpler and modest in size and silhouette. Here are more sizable, innovative and experimental designs to have fun with."

Pressed to name her favorite pieces in this lineup, she states, "Certainly I like them all. I can always find an occasion to wear each of the pieces. I just go by mood when choosing what to wear. But I am usually drawn to the jeweled sleeves."

Keep an eye out for the rest from Tweetie's accessory line, because her next collection—already in the works—sounds ultra-promising: "I am currently experimenting with a new material to use for my next season’s collection. It will embody a more opulent feel without losing  the brand’s appeal of accessibility."

Read on to find out more about Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez—her accessory must-have, favorite designers, past work with Paul Smith, Sugi and People's Palace proclivities—and don't forget to click on the photo gallery to see her Spring/Summer 2011 collection.


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