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Designer Spotlight: Sassa Jimenez

Designer Spotlight: Sassa Jimenez
Sassa Jimenez understands what women of this Gossip Girl generation lust after, sartorially speaking. A little old world glamour, a touch of provocative allure and a generous portion of exuberant femininity, please!

With an anthology of gowns and dresses that help satiate the modern woman's cravings, Sassa has found herself on top of every girl's list of dream designers. She's made it to another list too- Preview's Designers to Watch for 2009.

Style Bible brings you a quick Q&A with Sassa Jimenez:

What is your design style like?
“I like to create pieces that are conscious of the womanly figure as well as the woman's personality.”

What message do you want your pieces to send?
“I 'd like each dress to evoke a sense of boldness in each woman, like they want to reveal a new side of themselves that people have not seen before without losing their personality.”

What's one of your favorite creations?
“It's hard to choose really, but my favorite would probably be the wedding gown I created for the last Philippine Fashion Week Holiday '09 show I did. It was a dove-colored organza dress that reminded me of jellyfish. It moved when the model walked and looked so light and fresh on the runway. That has to be one of my most favorite piece ever.”

How do you dress for work?
“I'm usually in a dress and funky heels, or leggings and a button down shirt if I'm going to be in a shoot or a long meeting. “

What is your favorite item from your closet?
“A Gucci belt bag that I bought while I was still in college. I love it because I saved up for it for two semesters. I like to wear it with a simple top and jeans; I rarely use it! Hahahaha!”

Who's closet would you like to raid?
Pam Quinones who has amazing style, and also, Lady Gaga's closet. I'm sure she has some interesting stuff.”

What are your shopping habits like?
“One time big time shopping! I used to like to shop little by little, but nowadays, I only shop once but try to get as much as I can.”

What is the last thing you bought?
“Lots and lots of magazines!”

What is one thing you have too many of?

What's something you do too much?
FACEBOOK! I'm soooo addicted.”

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Click here for Sassa Jimenez's contact information.

-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant
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