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Designer Spotlight: Ralph Ng

Designer Spotlight: Ralph Ng

Remember that amazing brocade band jacket Maricel Soriano rocked on the cover of Preview's Best Dressed July issue? Props go to designer Ralph Ng who not only created the cover-worthy stunner, but nailed one of the hottest trends in the process.

This young designer sure has got a keen eye for spotting just what's en vogue. Ralphs's a pro at translating of-the-moment fads into wearable garments that excite and electrify; humdrum and lackluster are clearly not his thing.

Ralph's edgy designs deem him incredibly promising and put him on Preview's list of Designers to Watch for 2009.

Ladies and gents, Style Bible brings you ten facts about Ralph Ng:

What is your design style?
“My personal design style only has two criteria, comfort and craftsmanship. In my artistic perspective I would have to say versatility, growth and curiosity, defines what I do to my work.”

What message do you want your pieces to send?
“There's always a message that will be found in everybody's creations but it's within an individual's view that creates the message. There is nothing in particular that I want to send."

What inspires you?
“Everything, from apples to zebras.”

Which local and international models would you love to work with?
“ I guess locally, internationally-acclaimed Ana Sideco. She's very easy to work with, she has a versatile look, is very professional, has an easy-to-dress-up body, plus she's very nice and down to earth! Internationally I would probably say Kate Moss. She already has a signature style that she defines when she puts on your clothes.”

What are you wearing today?
“Black crew neck t-shirt and black PJs.”

If you had no limitations, what would you like to be wearing today?
“I think I still have to buff myself out in the gym.”

Who's closet would you like to raid?
James Bond's! I don't want to raid it; I want to keep all of it, *drooling* all those Savile Row pieces!”

What is your signature scent?
“Lots, honestly. I have a collection of scents because of my mom. But I always like the way coconut colognes smell. Feels like teen beach spirit.”

If you weren't a designer, what would you be?
“Probably a missionary, doctor, athlete, artist, architect, who knows?”

What's your greatest fantasy?
“World peace and green environment.”

Click here to view Ralph Ng's Holiday 2009 collection.

Click here for Ralph Ng's contact information.

Click here to view Maricel Soriano donning Ralph Ng's band jacket Preview's July cover.

-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant

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