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Designer Spotlight: Rajo Laurel

House of Laurel presents La Latina, its latest summer collection.
Designer Spotlight: Rajo Laurel House of Laurel presents La Latina, its latest summer collection.

House of Laurel recently unveiled its latest summer collection for 2010 in an afternoon party in Rajo Laurel's studio-slash-store in Poblacion, Makati. Entitled La Latina, this new collection is inspired by Rajo's upcoming trip to South America.

“I have been dreaming about visiting South America for a long time now and this is the year I finally get to go and visit,” says Rajo about his collection's travel inspiration. “Before embarking on a trip, I usually do a lot of research on the countries of my destination, and this affects my mood and directly influences my work.”

Dominated by coral tones and skin tone-flattering nudes, this collection addresses our summer sartorial propensity towards pretty garments that flow or hug the body depending on what sort of vibe we want to exude. The choice of color palette shows Rajo's evocation of the relaxed, less fiery side of the otherwise ardent Latina.

“Here, we experience the romantic nature of the Latina. The whole vibe of the collection is very relaxed and quite 'chill'. There are soft studies in layering and a play on lots of textures. The palette is muted with tons of off-white, beige, tan, and nude punctuated by corals and a vibrant poppy red. Denim is very evident in this set, but it is used in the most unusual, intriguing way."

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Asked how this collection differs from his older ones, Rajo says it “is more relaxed and laid-back than some of [his] more edgy past collections.” He adds that it “is decidedly very feminine and romantic.”

In terms of similarities, the designer's use of his much-beloved draping technique is continued, assuring a sort of technical continuity in his oeuvre.

Continue reading to find out more about Rajo Laurel, and click on the photo gallery to check out La Latina.

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