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Designer Spotlight: Norman Noriega

Designer Spotlight: Norman Noriega

He lives to videoke and confesses to being permanently glued to his i-pod; this guy has got music running through his veins. Thankfully, however, this music aficionado loves one thing a wee bit more- fashion!

We're talking about Norman Noriega, one of Preview's Designers to Watch for 2009. This artist with a taste for the dark and edgy makes minimalist outfits that are definitely in tune…with the times, that is.

Style Bible brings you ten things we bet you didn't know about Norman Noriega:

What is your design aesthetic?
“I'm always into long, straight, sharp and slick silhouettes, geometric shapes that, by the use of noble, fluid materials, can come alive through the movement of the wearer. Black and white are recurring elements of my design, I tend to think more in terms of shadows and shapes than in color and decoration. It's like a black – and – white photograph, which captures the essence of something. I call it 'chiaroscuro' or 'a play of contrast'.”

What inspires you?
“Listening to Patti Smith music.”

What do you do when you're stuck in a rut and can't seem to find inspiration?
“I listen to music because it's like a transmission of energy. Art, film, poetry and books have the same effect on me. When I see or hear something really good, it pushes me to give the best of myself.”

Who is a model you'd love to work with?
“For runway it's Ria Bolivar, Krystal Espiritu and Joan Bitagcol . Internationally, I'd like to work with Meagan Collison. All of them have an androgynous look, which represents my vision perfectly: that beauty is nothing without a little strangeness.”

What's your signature personal style?
“A t-shirt, trousers, and Chuck Taylor Converse shoes- must be all black.”

If you had no limitations, what would you like to wear?
“I would wear an Ann Demeulemeester outfit from head to toe.”

How often do you buy something?
“If I'm dying to buy something then I will buy it.”

What is the one thing you can't live without?
“My ipod

What is playing on your i-pod now?
Horses by Patti Smith.”

What are your hobbies?
“Videoke! haha!”

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-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant

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