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Designer Spotlight: Noel Crisostomo

Designer Spotlight: Noel Crisostomo

September has arrived! It's time to usher in the -ber months and say a finite goodbye to cool summer style. This month marks the arrival of fierce fall fashion, with every glossy chronicling the transition with their big fashion issue.

This year, Preview's fashion-packed edition highlights ten Filipino designers who have been generating buzz for their spectacular pieces that push Filipino fashion into the future. One of those to watch is Noel Crisostomo, a balikbayan talent (Noel was once based in Canada, where his work was received well by the local fashion circles) now known for dressing such modern-day icons as Lucy Torres-Gomez and Kris Aquino in his signature sleek and modern ensembles.

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pries into Noel Crisostomo's uber stylish psyche to find out ten things we know you'd love to find out.

Define style?
“Style is never bought nor taught. It's either you have it or you don't.”

Who are models you love working with?
“I've worked with international supermodel Yasmin Warsame. She's Canadian and she wore my outfit at an AIDS benefit show in Toronto. Aside from being down to earth, she's super amazing on the runway and she makes everything look like a million dollars. I'd like to work with Daria Werbowy again now that she is famous. Locally, I have only worked with two models since I just opened shop in May. I seem to like Ana Sideco for editorial. She's quite campy, and she wore my stuff well. For runway, I like Grendel Alvarado, Ria Bolivar and Joan Bitagcol.”

What is your favorite creation?
“This one outfit I did for the AIDS benefit show in Toronto called Fashion Cares. I've been participating every year for the past 16 years. I made the outfit the night before it was due and I just used whatever fabric I found in the studio. The theme was Fashion Blooms, so I quickly draped this white fabric with Grecian toga as inspiration with very little sewing and made a huge flower out of black patent leather. I came to the event not having any clue on who was supposed to be wearing it and how it would be presented on the runway. My outfit came out, and Yasmine Warsame was wearing it; the hair and makeup was so amazing and it was in the same scene with creations of Alexander McQueen, Lawrence Steele, and Oscar dela Renta. It didn't look too bad at all.”

What do you do when you're stuck in a rut and can't seem to find inspiration?
“I take a nap or watch a movie or read a book. My mind is more creative when I'm either lying in bed to sleep or when I get up in the morning.”

What's your signature personal style?
“Comfort is my priority. My typical outfit would be jeans, white sneakers or Clarke wallabees and a navy or black pique polo, or a white or black crew neck t shirt, or some funky shirt.”

Who's closet would you like to raid and why?
Alexander McQueen for his collection of sneakers.”

How often do you buy something?
“I have no shopping pattern but I buy more when I'm not feeling too well or am a little sad.”

What is your latest buy?
“I just got a new pair of Balmain eyeglasses.”

What is one item you have too many of?
“White t-shirts!”

What's your greatest fantasy?
“For there to be more than 24 hours in a day.”

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—Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant

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