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Designer Spotlight: Monica Figueroa

Designer Spotlight: Monica Figueroa

Who else but Monica Figueroa could see an artichoke and think 'footwear!', or watch a National Geographic documentary and have a shoe design in mind by the time the end credits roll?

“Sometimes I just get inspired by random things. Like the artichoke, I said to myself 'I think it might be nice if I put that detail on a shoe' so I just started sketching," explains Monica. “As for the mummy heels, I came up with that design like a year ago. I was watching this documentary on the history of Egypt. I remember I sketched that on a receipt when I was on an airplane. Then the prototype came this year and then all the other designers like Alexander Wang came out with mummy heels. I wasn't inspired because of Alexander Wang though; it came before I saw his version.”

Monica's brand, Monica Fig Chaussures, is only about a year old but has already garnered quite the following amongst the more experimental fashion-lovers. Though she releases new designs about thrice a year, one particular style is here to stay—the Mood Flats, ballet flats with interchangeable magnetic embellishments.

“The mood flats are a mainstay in my collection, so every year I plan to come up with different accessories," says the shoe designer. “The first one is denim and has star, rose, and heart detachable ornaments. The newer one has a black base with dog and cat ornaments. I came up with this shoe because sometimes you think of how you can get the most out of a shoe right? We use sturdy magnets so the embellishments don't fall off,” explains Monica.

It is quite telling that the Monica Fig mainstay is a pair of flats, “I wear flats all the time! I don't really wear heels much,” reveals the statuesque 5-foot-8-inch designer. “Though you notice, in my collections I don't really have too many flats. I have more heels because that's more of high fashion and I want to stick to that. Plus, I love sketching heels; it's more fun. It's challenging and sexy.”

Monica's latest designs mark the debut of her luxury edition shoes- Monica Fig Luxed. Only two per size of each design were produced so better get a move on if you want to snag a pair for yourselves!

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Monica Fig shoes are available at Atelier Debbie Co and Wisdom at The Podium.

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Click here for Monica Figueroa's contact information.

—Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant.


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