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Designer Spotlight: Janina For Jul Dizon, Janina Homme

The jeweler launches her first ever men's line.
Designer Spotlight: Janina For Jul Dizon, Janina Homme The jeweler launches her first ever men's line.

Jewelry designer Janina Dizon Hoschka is targeting an entirely different market with her new collection for Janina for Jul Dizon. This time, she hearkened to the males in her life for inspiration for Janina Homme, her first ever foray into jewelry for men. Turns out that men don't just come into her store to buy gorgeous baubles for the women in their lives—some have actually asked her to customize jeweled pieces for their manly selves!

"After being asked by a few men to custom design jewelry for them and loving [the challenge], I felt brave enough to do a collection," Janina says. But her latest endeavor was no walk in the park, she reveals: "I have such set ideas on how men should wear jewelry so it was a challenge to work around the perimeters in my mind."

Clearly, designing for the opposite sex is a new undertaking entirely, one that required her to step out of her comfort zone. But once she started the collection, she received nothing but rave reviews. "It was a great feeling to finally come up with one and have my male friends approve it," she exclaims.


Inspired by her husband Toby von Oeynhausen-Hoschka and her male friends in the design industry (including Rajo Laurel, Cedric Cid and interior decorator Ito Kish)—the same "muses" who "goaded [her] to come out of the safety harbor of designing for women"—she came up with a collection that appeals to the playful side of masculinity. Lines are clean and conservative, but colors and materials are imbued with Janina's trademark whimsy.

In her own words, Janina Homme's prevailing design aesthetic is "Bold yet understated, [with] clean lines meshed with the geometric." Abundant in the collection are the stingray and crocodile leather cuffs she is known for, with sapphire-studded silver sliders inspired by her Transformers line that men can mix and match and have fun with.

Women, should you fancy the cuffs from the line, don't fret. Janina specifically crafted the pieces so that both men and women can wear them. "All cuffs have wires so they bend to the wrist size of the person wearing it," she says. Actually, most of the pieces are unisex, except perhaps for the cuff links. Out of all the pieces in the collection, though, there's one item that's dearest to Janina: "I love [the necklace with] the rutilated quartz ball that you can play around with. You can take out [the ball] and just wear the chain with the sapphires, or add [the ball] for a more masculine look."


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