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Designer Spotlight: Glasnost By Stacy Rodriguez

Designer Spotlight:  Glasnost By Stacy Rodriguez

We first spotted Stacy Rodriguez at the Fabric: SoFA Retail Lab fashion show at Embassy Fly last year donning a pair of trés chic Harem pants way before the rest of Manila's style denizens decided to drop 'em low. When we found out that those pants were from her line, Glasnost, we took a sudden interest in the brand, and were not disappointed.

Glasnost clothes are trend-driven and are a little more fashion forward than your usual ready-to-wear(RTW) brand. Stacy admits that her clothes aren't for everyone, recounting how when wearing some of her more adventurous pieces (like the Harem pants) she'd get a few puzzled stares thrown her way. She's undaunted by these style skeptics, citing “the people who understand and get it will wear my pieces, and these really are the people I'd like to see wearing them.” Our take? We love Stacy's risk-taking fashion persona! Her clothes are a welcome whiff of fresh air in this industry full of look-alike apparel.

Stacy goes on to describe how there is a definite thought process involved in creating every one of her Glasnost items. “Everyone jokes that my clothes need an instruction manual” laughs the designer, “one item can be worn many ways”. With the advent of the recessionista, we think that's definitely a good thing!

Check out a few pieces from Stacy's latest Glasnost collection, THE TROPIC AFTERTHOUGHT.

View Stacy's first collection for Glasnost, HUMAN NATURE.

Click here for Stacy's contact information.

Watch out for the Glasnost fall collection available soon! Stacy let us in on a little info: the fall collection not only incorporates the season's key fall trends but keeps in mind what's going on weather-wise here too.

-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant

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