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Designer Spotlight: Chris Diaz

Flaunt your femininity this summer in Japanese-inspired pieces.
Designer Spotlight: Chris Diaz Flaunt your femininity this summer in Japanese-inspired pieces.

If there is one word that can encapsulate Chris Diaz's design aesthetic, it would be romantic. The soft spoken interior designer turned fashion designer didn't depart from his usual romantic design inclination for his summer 2010 collection. He continues to pay homage to the romantic spirit with garments in flattering forms with lovely embellishments designed to flatter the female form.

But this time, he was less inspired by the West where the romantic tradition is rooted. Instead, he appropriated an Oriental influence through the intricate, nature-inspired, hand-cut paper artwork of Kako Ueda.

Hence, delicate form-fitting dreses, skirts, and blouses of organdy in silken spring colors of an unmistakable Japanese influence dominate the summer collection.

"I was drawn by the riveting mood of her craft, [so I] translated it to wearable art," Chris explains. But although Ueda works with the monochromatic medium of paper, Chris decided to use the serene yet lively Japanese spring colors of pinks and greens. In some garments, he also used the elegant combination of black and crimson—black as the outward color of the dress, and the shock of crimson for the garment lining.

He is particularly proud of one dress that was executed using the latter color combination. "The most applauded frock strutting down [the runway was a] sandalwood fan-clad piece that denotes this strong yet delicate Asian look. [It is a] statement piece. A fashionably brave woman can pull it off."

But one doesn't necessarily have to be sartorially daring to pull off the pieces in Chris' summer line. He designs for "someone who is modern, strong yet soft spoken and feminine at the same time." All it takes to wear his creations is a certain fondness for a very ladylike style. To be dressed by Chris Diaz, one mustn't be afraid to flaunt femininity.


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