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Designer Spotlight: Aziza MondoÑedo

There's a new jewelry designer on the scene, and sparkle is her business.
Designer Spotlight: Aziza MondoÑedo There's a new jewelry designer on the scene, and sparkle is her business.

Aziza Mondoñedo is one busy lady. A scion of a prominent Cebu family, she is steeped in business matters during regular work hours as the Vice President of Operations for Restaurant Aziza and Z Bar in Cebu (profiled in Preview Prefers in October 2010). But as if her corporate schedule isn't jampacked enough, she has added a whole new set of tasks on her daily agenda: those of a jewelry designer.

Her love of all things sparkly spawned her Aziza Collection of lovely baubles of semi-precious stones set in silver. "Whimsical, fantastical, magical"—these are the words she used to define the design aesthetic of her jewelry line. "They usually sparkle," she says, and indeed, every single piece is a little nugget of captured light, reflected by the jewels' facets every which way.

"I usually get inspired by the stones I see or the mood I feel," she shares. "It can also be anything as random as food, a movie, or a piece of art. My biggest inspiration, though, would be ancient history and how people dressed themselves centuries ago." But it isn't the historical icon-inspired pieces that she most favors out of her first lineup—not the Cleopatra-inspired multi-strand necklace, nor the Queen Mab piece. "My favorite, and also the one that's been getting the most attention, is the Fly ring."


As for her target client, she seeks "a woman who is not afraid to stand out; a woman whose presence is felt when she enters the room." Very much like her style icons, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, and her mother. "My pieces are for the woman who is timeless, classic, and elegant, but who also knows how to have fun, break the rules a bit and be a little naughty at times."

Always the energetic spirit, she already has her sights set on her next collection. "I'll be playing with the beauty of black and white, showing that these 'basics' are not boring at all. I'll also be making more earrings and cuffs."

Read on to find out more about this new jewelry designer, and click on the photo gallery to see her first collection.

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