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Designer Shoe Index: How To Spot A Fake Louboutin

Here's what happens when your red soles raise red flags.
Designer Shoe Index: How To Spot A Fake Louboutin Here's what happens when your red soles raise red flags.

Much like designer bags, Christian Louboutin’s famous red-soled shoes top the list of highly counterfeited luxury products in the market. The brand has even taken its stand as it adapted a “zero tolerance” policy on counterfeiting and have placed a comprehensive program to deal with retailers of fake goods. 

Seeing that we’ve schooled you on its different styles and have shown the many celebs who have pledged their allegiance, we now give you a quick guide in spotting a fake. Read on and study these tips to be able to tell the difference between a real and a knockoff pair of Loubs.



 The construction should be well made and up to luxury standards. Check the shank and the hell of the shoe and make sure it is strong and sturdy.

Stitching should be clean and intricate; any sign of bubbling or creasing raises a red flag. 

Christian Louboutin uses only the best material for its shoes. This means the leathers and suedes should be supple and soft.

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Any embellishments on the shoe should be fastened securely and are of top quality.

The trademark red outsole should have a clearly embossed logo.

The mark on the insole should be gold and should have sharp edges.

Note that not all Louboutins are made the same. Some may have markings that read “Paris” on the insole while others have “Vero Cuoio” on the outsole.


Some might overlook the details on the box but they are just as important. Take note of the word “Paris” as it should be placed near the edge of the right side of the box and never below the Christian Louboutin logo which should be marked in white lettering.  Also, a description sticker should be found indicating the European size, name of the shoe, and SKU bar and number code.


Dust bags should be in a bright red color and made of cotton with the logo marked across it.

Finally, Louboutins can come with either one or two dust bags. One should be smaller in size and contains the heel taps. It should not come with a car and the shoe tips should not be contained inside a plastic bag.

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