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Designer Portfolios: Erstwhile By Angela Alarcon

Designer Portfolios: Erstwhile By Angela Alarcon

Old is the new new. Or so it seems, what with the vintage obsession sweeping the hearts and minds (and wallets) of the fashion-conscious crowd. Angela Alarcon, the young designer behind Erstwhile gets this love affair with the past. Her brand is luxurious, flirty, and injects just the right amount of vintage flavor into its pieces.

The name itself gives away Angela's understanding of fashion's fixation with the old, the new, and the ageless. “Erstwhile means for a time being. It connotes timelessness, just like fashion is timeless. It means something that was always there, something in the past that is still present now. My clothes have a vintage feel that translates to classic pieces that will always be fashionable” she shares.

Here's some insider info: Angela is currently in talks with boutique owners from Europe and the States who are interested in stocking their stores with her line. We suggest stocking up your own personal closets with Erstwhile goods before the rest of the world does. We're sure stylistas like Bianca Gonzales (who is a regular customer and Erstwhile fan) will be doing just that!

See what all the fuss is about. Click to view ERSTWHILE SPRING/SUMMER 2009 BY ANGELA ALARCON.

Click here for Angela's contact information.

-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant


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