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Designer & Muse: Kate Torralba

Designer & Muse: Kate Torralba

May 27, 2009
Members Only

It was on a happy wave of emotion that Kate Torralba capped off the Prive Fashion Series at Member's Only, which was sponsored by Preview magazine and Bacardi.

She chose eighteen muses who are all close to her heart. “They're my friends,” Kate mused, “girls who I respect and really admire, and of course, girls who have history with Kate Torralba.” In fact, after performing four songs for everyone that evening (two of which will be in her upcoming album), she proceeded to introduce each of her muses, sharing a bit about each one.

It was a creative mix of ladies—vocalists like Karylle; fashionistas like Astrud Crisologo; and younglings from the new guard like Ange dela Cruz—which illustrated how the designer's fun approach to fashion is something that appeals to various ages and styles.

“(Tonight's collection) is more about individual fashion—my interpretation of each girl's personality,” explains Kate. “So it's not just one color story, one collection, but more of the colors that I'm into right now mixed with what their individual personalities are like.”

Whether it was as multi-hued as Joey Mead's gown or as dark as Armi Millare's suit, Kate seems to have mastered sewing along everyone's sunnier sides.

Click on to hear from Kate's muses.

—Isha Andaya, Managing Editor

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