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Designer & Muse: Emi Jorge

Designer & Muse: Emi Jorge

In unveiling her new collection for the Prive Fashion Series, Solea's Emi Jorge took inspiration from battle gear ubiquitous in the medieval times. Of this, she says “This collection emerged from the need for concreteness and to put my own stamp on a current trend. I took inspiration from Celtic patterns, medieval armor, and chainmail coif, and translated these into modern times.“

The invite for the event stated: a pair of shoes is an art piece. Emi had indeed crafted her shoes with inspired construction. “I asked a renowned sculptor to collaborate on the metal heels on display that took their forms from a gauntlet and a sword,” Emi shares. The shoes had different personalities that matched Emi's muses, who each carry diverse personas but are glued by two shared traits: strength and confidence.

Emi explains, “I had to pair the style with their personalities. For example, Tessa Valdes' frivolity is evident in her shoes inspired by a helmet with red plume, Mai Kauffman's rocker chic vibe shines through in a chainmail half boot, and Leica Carpo's verve is captured in a Celtic patterned strappy boot. It was interesting to marry a shoe with a persona.”

The collection is a perfect union of style and comfort. It is updated and modern, while staying consistent to Solea's forte.

Read on to see how the muses love the shoes that ruled the night.

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-Rachelle Que, Contributing Writer

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